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MobileTogether Extension Functions

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The following XPath extension functions, created specifically for use in MobileTogether designs, can be used in XPath expressions anywhere in the design. The XPath default namespace is used for calls to these extension functions.


Updating the return values of XPath functions

An XPath function is evaluated only when its containing XPath expression is evaluated. This typically happens when an action that contains the XPath expression is triggered or when a data change causes an XPath expression to be evaluated.


For example, consider an XPath expression that contains the function mt-audio-is-playing. This function returns either true or false. When the expression is evaluated at some given time, let us say that the return value is true (because audio is playing). If this value is displayed in the solution, then the value will not automatically change when the audio stops playing. For this to happen, the function will have to be called again so that the new value updates the value in the display.


The number of ways in which such values can be updated depends on the particular design mechanisms that have been used. One possible way to update such values is via the timer of the OnPageRefresh event in conjunction with the Update Display action.



Note:For a description of functions in Altova's general XPath extension function library, see the section Altova Extension Functions. (The general extension functions work with all Altova products, including MobileTogether.)




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