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Radio buttons can be used to constrain the user to select one of a set of specific values. Each radio button is associated with one specific value. A set of radio buttons are grouped into a mutually exclusive set by associating all of them with a single page source node. By "mutually exclusive" is meant that the user is constrained to select only one radio button from the set. The value of the radio button that is selected will be entered into the associated page source node. When you insert a radio button control, you can specify whether the radio button should be to the left or right of the button text, or in the default system position.


For example, in the screenshot below, all three radio buttons are associated with one page source node: an element called Product. This creates a set of mutually exclusive radio buttons for the Product node. Each radio button is given a value through its Checked Values property. The button text is the value of the button's Text property.


When the solution is run, all three radio buttons are initially displayed empty (see screenshot below). When the user selects a radio button, that button's checked value (the product name in our example) is passed to the associated node (the Product element; see the XML Data tree in the screenshot below).

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Two key properties of the radio button are:


The text that accompanies the radio button. This can be static text (entered as the value of the Text property; see below) or a dynamic value obtained via an XPath expression.

The checked value of the radio button is assigned with the Checked Values property (see below).


Radio buttons have the OnFinishEditing event, which is triggered when the end-user selects the radio button. To define an action for this event, click the Additional Dialog button of the Control Action property. This displays the Control Actions dialog, in which you can specify the required action. In our example, the event triggers the a reload of the splashscreen image.




Radio Button events

The OnFinishEditing event is available. For a description of the actions that can be defined for this event, see the Actions section.


Radio button properties

The control's properties are available in the Styles & Properties Pane, and are listed below in the order in which they appear.



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