Altova MobileTogether Designer

If you run a simulation now (Run | Simulate Workflow or F5), you will see the following:

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What you see


Selection node in XML Data tree is empty

Value comes from the empty Selection node in AltovaProducts.xml, the file that is loaded on page open

Combo box is empty

Because the Selection node is empty

Dropdown list has empty entry

Empty entry added as a result of current combo box selection (=empty)

No splash screen is displayed

Image URL is built using the empty Selection node



If you now select a product from the dropdown list (for example, MobileTogether), the splash screen of that product will be displayed (screenshot below).


This is because:


1.A combo box selection (of, say, MobileTogether) puts the corresponding value (mobiletogether) into the Selection node.

2.The value in the Selection node is used to correctly construct the image URL.


Notice also that the combo box, from now onwards, no longer has the empty entry in its dropdown list. This is because the Selection node is not empty any longer and because the list of defined combo box entries, therefore, does not have an empty entry.


After you have finished, click Close or press Esc to close the simulator.


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