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Action Groups

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An Action Group defines a sequence of actions to execute. If the same sequence of actions has to be executed at various points in the workflow, then it is efficient to create this sequence of actions as an Action Group and then execute this Action Group at the various workflow points. Action Groups can also have parameters, which enables you to pass dynamic values to the actions of the group.


An Action Group is created for the entire project. You can create as many Action Groups as you like. After an Action Group has been created for a project, it can be used across the pages of a project for any page event or control event of the project. You can use an Action Group as many times as you like across events.


Action Groups are managed in the right-hand side Action Groups pane of any Actions dialog (see screenshot below).

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This section describes:


How to add, delete, and edit Action Groups

How to use Action Groups for reusing actions

How to use parameters in Action Groups

How Action Groups can themselves be used as values of parameters in Action Groups

How Action Groups can be used to provide the value of a variable defined with the Let action.


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