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You can simulate the workflow on the currently selected preview device. To preview (simulate) a solution on a different device, change the preview device.


The following simulation methods are available for running and testing a solution:


Simulation in MobileTogether Designer: A quick way to test whether the design is free from errors.

Simulation on Server: Additional to testing that the design is error-free, this simulation enables you to test whether data sources are correctly located, whether URLs are correct, whether current server settings are appropriate, and whether the server has all permissions to access the used DBs, URLs, and files.

Simulation on Client: Enables you to test the actual client-server interactions in a trial run. In this simulation, MobileTogether Designer plays the role of the server.


Note:You can also deploy a solution to the server, and, in the Workflows tab of the Web UI of MobileTogether Server, you can click a solution to run it in the web browser.


While the simulation progresses, the Messages Pane of the MobileTogether Designer GUI provides a detailed and step-by-step report of all the activities taking place. This is an extremely important feature for testing and debugging design files.




If you run a designer or server simulation of a design containing geolocation actions, then you will need to define the geolocations to use in the simulation. How to do this is described in the section Geolocation Settings.

Since the simulators, which run on desktops, are not NFC-enabled, an NFC sample file can be used to simulate an NFC tag. See the section NFC Sample Files for a template of an NFC sample file and how to use sample files to simulate the reading of NFC data.

When simulating push notifications in which the sending and receiving solutions are different, data in a simulated sent PN can be recorded to a file. This data can be loaded into a simulation of the receiving solution so that a PN can be simulated as having been received.

To simulate a device's address book, a sample XML file of the contacts of an address book can be used. See Contacts Sample Files for how to create and use such a file.


Simulation device

You can select the device that you want to simulate in the Preview Device combo box. To see a simulation on a different platform or different device, choose the new device and re-start the simulation.


Simulation language

The simulation language for designer and server simulations is selected via the Project | Simulation Language command. The language of client simulations is the same as the language of the client mobile device on which the simulation runs.


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