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Design Components

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The design components are numbered in the screenshots below and are described in callouts further below. The screenshot at left shows the simulation, the screenshot at right shows the design. Click a callout to see a description of the corresponding design component.


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Simulation of the solution at runtime.

The page design.



Page actions

To view the page actions, right-click inside the page and select Page Actions. In the dialog that appears, three actions have been defined for the OnPageLoad event. These actions will be executed when the page loads. They provide data for the initial page display.


The following actions have been defined:


Execute SOAP Request: The action requests the UTC time from the web service and stores the response in the $MT_HTTPExecute_Result variable. The request is defined in the same way as for the UTC Time button (Callout 1).

Update Node: Updates the node $XML1/CityTime/UTC with the UTC time. Since this node is the page source link of the UTC Time label (Callout 2), the label will be initialized with the current UTC time.

Update Node: Updates the node $XML1/CityTime/SelectCity/City/Time with the UTC time. Since the initial value of the selected city (SelectCity//Name) is UTC Time (see the XML file), we initialize the SelectCity//Time node with the current UTC time.


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