Altova MobileTogether Designer

In the File tab (screenshot below) you can define the settings shown in the screenshot.


Project: If selected, then on program start, all the projects are opened that were open when the program was last closed.

Reload of changed files: Options to watch for changes made by another user and to ask whether to reload or not. If a file is reloaded, your own changes from the time of the last save will be lost.

Project validation: When to carry out project validation. Select the options you want.

Reload page source structures: When to reload page source structures. Select the options you want. The Ask before modifying option determines whether the user should be asked before modifying page source structures that are shared with one or more other pages. For example, if this option is selected and a shared page source structure is modified, then the user is asked to select from the following options: (i) whether the shared structure should be modified in all its occurrences (that is on all pages where it occurs), (ii) whether a copy of the data structure should be made with a different name for this page; this data structure can be modified subsequently without affecting the data structures on the other pages, (iii) whether to cancel the modification. To reload all page sources immediately, use the menu command Project | Reload Page Source Structures.

Cache validation: Specifies when the cache is validated. Select the options you want.


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