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Scrollable Tables

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This tutorial describes the features of scrollable tables. The design file (ScrollableTables.mtd) contains two top pages, which show, respectively:


The settings of a scrollable table that is used to constrain end-of-page content to the bottom of the screen (see screenshot below)

A table that is displayed at a height that is a percentage of the screen height


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The tutorial files

The files for this tutorial are located in your (My) Documents MobileTogether folder: MobileTogetherDesignerExamples\Tutorials\ScrollableTables.


ScrollableTables.mtd: This is the completed MobileTogether design file. Open this file and refer to it while reading this tutorial. You can run a simulation in MobileTogether Designer by pressing F5.

ScrollableTables-01.xml: This is an XML file that contains a simple and short customer database comprising seven customer records. You can see the file's structure in the $XML1 tree in screenshot above.

ScrollableTables-02.xml: This is a longer version of ScrollableTables-01.xml. It contains 29 records.


The paths in the design file are relative, and the XML files have not been deployed to a server. So, if you copy these three files to any folder, you will be able to correctly run the simulations in MobileTogether Designer.


Tutorial structure

This tutorial is organized into the following sections:


Tables that Force Full Screen Height describes settings to auto-adjust table heights so that the contents of the page fill the screen completely.

Tables Having Specific Heights describes how to create tables that are a specific fraction of the screen height. If the height required to display all the rows of the table is more than the table's defined height, then the table becomes scrollable.


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