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A MobileTogether package is a zip file that is generated from a MobileTogether design. It contains the design in an encrypted form and, optionally, deployable resource files that are used by the design (such as images and CSS stylesheets). The package file has a .mtp file extension. A package provides easy portability and the ability to quickly deploy the design (from MobileTogether Designer) as a solution to MobileTogether Server.


Create a package

When you create a package as a .mtp file, you have the option to enable the following package privileges:


To open the package in MobileTogether Designer and deploy the contained design as a solution to MobileTogether Server.

To open the package in MobileTogether Designer and run a simulation.

To open the package in MobileTogether Designer and be able to run a simulation as well as deploy the solution to MobileTogether Server.


Note the following points:


If a solution requires resources, these can be added as server side solution files in the Files Pane and included when the package is created. When the package is deployed to teh server as a solution these server side solution files will be saved to the server relative to the Server Side Solution's Working Directory.

If a solution requires resources that cannot be included in the package, then these resources must be saved manually to the server. For more information, see Deploying the Project and Export MobileTogether Package.

After the package has been generated, do not modify it internally or in any other way. Any modification will make the .mtp file unopenable in MobileTogether Designer.

The MobileTogether design which is inside a package cannot be edited when the package is opened in MobileTogether Designer.


How to generate a MobileTogether package is explained in the description of the Export MobileTogether Package command.


Open a package

Depending on how the package was created (see above), you can do one or both of the following:


Deploy the design contained in the package as a solution to MobileTogether Server.

Run a simulation of the design contained in the package.


Note:When you open a .mtp file in MobileTogether Designer, you cannot edit the design that is contained in the package.


Deploy a package

A MobileTogether package can be opened in MobileTogether Designer and deployed to the server similarly to the deployment of designs.


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