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Simulation and Testing

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You can test the in-app purchases of your AppStore App by simulating it in two easy ways, as described below.


Simulation in the Designer

This simulation enables you to test the workflow with product and purchase data that is stored in an XML file.


This XML file is located by default at "<Program Files>\Altova\MobileTogetherDesigner7\InAppPurchase\InAppPurchase Samples.xml". Make sure that you map the SKU IDs in this file to a product name as described in the topic Register Products. Note that you can save your XML data file at any other location if you like; in this case, change the reference to the file in the Simulation 2 tab of the Options dialog.


Note that the simulation in MobileTogether Designer works with static product and purchase data, which is taken from the XML file listed above. While a designer simulation broadly simulates the actual procedure, a trial run on client simulation (see below) more closely simulates the various steps of the live procedure.


Simulating trial run on client

While a simulation in the designer that uses dummy data is useful for testing the workflow steps on a broad level, a significant problem with Designer simulations is that you cannot use real app store data for the simulation. A better way to test your AppStore App is to generate a Trial Run build of the app that can directly use the design that you are creating in MobileTogether Designer. To generate a Trial Run build, make sure that the following two settings are correctly selected when you build the app:


In Screen 1, in the Build Modes pane, select Trial Run on Client.

In Screen 3, enter the correct IP Address and Port settings so that the app can connect to your MobileTogether Designer.


Once the Trial Run build has been generated, it will connect to the design in MobileTogether Designer and use the latest version of the design. This saves you the trouble of having to regenerate the AppStore App to test it each time you make a change to the design. Once you are satisfied with your tests and ready to publish, you can generate a final publication build that you can upload to the app store.


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