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The OnServerConnnectionError event is available for all pages (top pages and sub pages). A server connection error could occur while making the initial connection, or when the connection is subsequently lost. For the event that such an error occurs, you can define:


a suitable error message to the end user (client device), and

the subsequent actions to take.


You can also simulate a connection error in the Simulator.


Note:When a server connection error occurs, the first of the following actions that exists is triggered: (i) a Try/Catch Server Connection Errors action, (ii) action/s for the OnServerConnectionError event (this event), (iii) a MobileTogether message about the error, following which the workflow is resumed.


Defining what to do when there is a connection error

You can define what actions to execute when there is a server connection error. These actions are defined for each page: in the tab of the page event OnServerConnectionError. The actions you define would typically include a message to the end user and a procedure for the workflow to follow. The screenshot below shows a sequence of actions that could be performed.


The screenshot above defines a sequence of three actions to perform:


1.Send an error message to the client (screenshot below).


2.Use the MT_ServerConnectionErrorLocation variable to save the action stack that triggered the OnServerConnectionError page event. (The variable should be used for debugging purposes; see MT_ServerConnectionErrorLocation for details.) Alternatively to the MT_ServerConnectionErrorLocation variable, you can use the Update Node action to write your own error codes into a node that you specially create for this purpose.

3.Send an email to the administrator (from the client) with the error information as an attachment.


Note:If no action is defined in the tab of the OnServerConnectionError page event, then a generic Network access disabled message is sent to the mobile device (screenshot below):



Simulating a server connection error (for testing)

You can use simulations in MobileTogether Designer and simulations on the Server to test the behavior of a solution. Do this as follows:


1.Start the simulation (for example, with F5). The simulator starts (screenshot below).

Click to expand/collapse

2.Click Prevent Server Access. Server access will be disabled, and the button will toggle into an Enable Server Access button.

3.Carry out an action that calls for a server connection. Since access is disabled, the actions defined in the OnServerConnectionError page event are triggered.

4.To enable server access again, click Enable Server Access in the simulator.


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