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Simulation on Client

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This simulation method runs the workflow on your mobile device by using MobileTogether Designer as a server. It reports server messages in the Messages Pane of MobileTogether Designer. Simulation on the client assumes that your mobile device can connect to your PC over wireless LAN. To run a client simulation, carry out the steps listed below. (For client simulations of compiled apps, see the box below.)


1.Client: Set up a new server

2.PC: Start the simulation

3.Client: Run the simulation


Note:A design file can be used by only one client at a time for client simulation.



Client simulations of compiled apps

The procedure for simulating a trial run of a compiled app is similar to that for solutions described above. The main difference is that the designer's connection details will have already been specified in the compiled app (see Screen 3 of the Code-Generation wizard). As a result, these details do not need to be set on the client.


Additionally, after you have compiled an app-store app, the design can be changed as often as you like. You will not need to recompile the app to run a client simulation. The app will connect to MobileTogether Designer and use the currently open version of the design.


The steps to set up client simulations of a compiled app are as follows:


1.In MobileTogether Designer, go to the Trial Run on Client tab of the Options dialog and make sure that the listening port specified there is the same as that you specified in the compiled app (in Screen 3 of the Code-Generation wizard).

2.In MobileTogether Designer, open the project file (.mtd) of the compiled app that you want to test, and edit it as required.

3.Start the compiled app on your device. The compiled app will use the project file in MobileTogether Designer (including the last edit even if this was not saved), and the pages sources and simulation messages will be displayed in MobileTogether Designer.



Simulation language

The simulation language for designer and server simulations is selected via the Project | Simulation Language command. The language of client simulations is the same as the language of the client mobile device on which the simulation runs.


XML trees of page sources in the Simulator

The XML trees in the simulator display the XML data of the various page sources and how these values change as the simulation progresses. The context menu of XML trees in the simulator offers the following features:


Copy XPath: Copies to the clipboard an XPath locator expression that locates the selected tree node.

Save XML: Saves the structure and data of an XML tree to any location you like.

View in XMLSpy: Opens the XML tree in Altova's XMLSpy program.

Overwrite $XML structure based on this tree: Overwrites the structure of a page source with the structure of the XML tree in the simulator.

Send XML to Designer: Sends all client XML data to the designer, enabling you to analyze the solution's XML data.



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