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Maintain OAuth Settings

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REST requests made in MobileTogether Designer can be authenticated with OAuth. See the section REST Request Settings for a description of how to do this.


You can create multiple OAuth setting definitions in a MobileTogether Designer project (see the documentation here). These are stored in a pool, and you can use a definition from the pool for authenticating REST requests defined anywhere in the document. The Maintain OAuth Settings dialog (screenshot below) lets you manage the OAuth definitions of the active project. The dialog displays all the OAuth settings definitions that are currently in the active project's pool of definitions. You can delete definitions from the pool, import definitions from other open MobileTogether Designer projects, copy definitions to the clipboard, and paste definitions from the clipboard.


The dialog has the following columns:


Name: The name that was assigned to the settings definition when it was created. The name cannot be edited.

Edit: The button opens the OAuth Settings dialog, in which you can edit the settings of the selected definition.

Protocol: Whether the definition uses OAuth1 or OAuth2.

# Used: Refers to the number of times the definition is used in the current project (design).

URL: The longest common part of the URLs of the definition's endpoints.


You can carry out the following actions in this dialog:


Delete Selected: One or more definitions can be selected for deletion.

Select All: Selects all the definitions.

Select None: Selects none of the definitions.

Import: Opens the Import OAuth Settings dialog, which enables you to import one or more OAuth definitions from other open MobileTogether Designer files. See the Import OAuth Settings dialog for details.


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