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You can create MobileTogether apps that can be posted to app stores for end users to download. These customized AppStore Apps are created in MobileTogether Designer as follows:


1.Design and test the MobileTogether Designer project from which you wish to generate your app. Create the project in the same way as any other MobileTogether Designer design.

2.Generate the program code of your appstore app from the design via the File | Generate Program Code for AppStore Apps command. Program code can be generated for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Windows.

3.Compile the generated program code to build your appstore app for the respective devices and operating systems.


Note:You can also generate program code for AppStore Apps from MobileTogether packages.


The program-code generation and code-compilation steps are described in the respective sub-sections of this section.


Difference between AppStore App and solution on MobileTogether Client

An AppStore App is different than a MobileTogether solution.


A MobileTogether solution is deployed to a MobileTogether Server, and is accessed via a MobileTogether Client. Multiple client devices can access one or more solutions on one or more MobileTogether Servers.

An AppStore App on the other hand provides a lightweight alternative that directly accesses only one solution, and does not need to be configured in any way to run.


The differences between the solution and the appstore app are laid out in the table below.


Solution on MobileTogether Client

AppStore App

MobileTogether Designer project is deployed by developer to MobileTogether Server as a solution

MobileTogether Designer project is deployed by developer to MobileTogether Server as an AppStore App solution

MobileTogether Client is downloaded by end user from app store

AppStore App is downloaded by end user from app store

MobileTogether Client on end-user devices can access solutions on one or more MobileTogether Servers

AppStore App accesses its associated solution. It is "dedicated" to this one solution

End user needs to configure and maintain MobileTogether Client. Access to multiple servers and solutions is possible

No MobileTogether Client required. AppStore App provides end user with easy and straightforward access to a single solution

From MobileTogether Server, a deployed solution can be opened to run in a web browser.

The deployed AppStore App cannot be opened in a web browser from MobileTogether Server.


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