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The Horizontal Slider control enables users to select a value along the slider's scale. The selected value can be entered as the value of a page source node (via a page source link; see Notes below). In the Styles & Properties Pane, you can set the slider's minimum and maximum values (see 'Horizontal Slider properties' below), and specify control actions to execute, either when the slider is being moved or when it has finished being moved.


The three ways in which control actions can be executed (based on the sliding action) are described below:


Action execution

Trigger Control Actions During Sliding

Slider's Trigger Interval (in ms)

Actions triggered after sliding completed

false (default)

Actions triggered continuously



Actions triggered at interval


1 – 10000




Horizontal Slider events

The OnSliding event is available. For a description of the actions that can be defined for Horizontal Slider events, see the Actions section.


Horizontal Slider properties

The control's properties are available in the Styles & Properties Pane, and are listed below in the order in which they appear.



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