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iOS Push Notification Button Sets

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This command is used to create the buttons that appear in push notifications (PNs) received on iOS devices. iOS PN buttons are available in AppStore Apps, not in standard MobileTogether apps. The PN button sets are created in the receiving solution. The button-set names defined via this command are used in the sending solution to indicate which button set to display in the PN when the PN is received in the receiving solution. If the sending and receiving solution are the same, then the PN button sets that have been defined in the solution will be available in a combo box for selecting the PN's button set.


On selecting this command, the iOS Push Notification Button Sets dialog is displayed (screenshot below).


Buttons are created in button sets of one, two, or three buttons. You can create as many button sets as you like; each button set can have a maximum of three buttons.


To create a button set, click Add a new Button Set. To add a new button to the set, click Add a new Button. To delete a button set or button, select the item and click the Delete icon in the top right-hand corner of the dialog. You can also undo and redo dialog-editing actions via icons in the top right of the dialog.


Note:PN buttons are not related in any way to Button controls.


See Push Notifications for an overview and more information about PNs.


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