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Managing Action Groups

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An Action Group can be created in any Actions dialog. It is created for an entire project and is available for use by all page events and control events of the project. All the Action Groups of a project are displayed in the Action Groups pane of the Actions dialog, and they are managed in this pane.


The Action Groups Pane

The Actions Group Pane (highlighted red in the screenshot below) enables you to do the following:


Create an Action Group by clicking the Add a Group button. A new group will be added to the list of Action Groups in the pane with a generic name. You should name the group directly. Alternatively, you can edit the group's name in the Action Group's Dialog (see next section below) at any later time.

Delete an Action Group by selecting it in the list and clicking the Delete Group button.

Access the Action Groups Dialog (see below) by double-clicking an Action Group in the list of Action Groups. It will open in the main pane, where you can add actions to it in the usual way.


Note:The Back and Forward icons in the main pane cycles through the design's Action Groups that were opened in the current session.


The Action Groups Dialog

The Action Groups Dialog (screenshot below) is like any other Actions Dialog but is different in that it is used, not to define the actions of a control or a page, but those of an Action Group.

Click to expand/collapse

The Action Groups Dialog is accessed from the Action Groups Pane (see section above): by double-clicking an Action Group in the list of groups. The selected Action Group is opened in the Action Groups Dialog. It is the active group and can be edited in the central pane.


You can do the following:


Add new actions/groups to the active group or modify existing actions/groups. Click OK when finished. (See the next topics of this section for details of how to work with Action Groups.)

To edit a different Action Group, select it from the dropdown box above the central pane.

Rename the active Action Group by double-clicking its name in the central pane and editing it.


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