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Global Resources in MobileTogether allow you to easily specify different database server names, file locations, or other configuration-specific parameters in a way that lets you easily switch from a development to a production system—and you can do that independently for each mobile solution. Because of this, Global Resources enable you to design and test quickly, and, thus, to save time.


As you develop a mobile solution in MobileTogether Designer, the Global Resources dialog allows you to identify each file, database connection, or directory with a user-defined name that can then be used to reference that resource anywhere in your solution. With Global Resources you can set up different configurations and easily switch your mobile solution modes by selecting a different Global Resources configuration.


Once you deploy a new mobile solution to MobileTogether Server, you can upload this configuration with your solution to control the access of your solution to specific servers even after it has been deployed. Administrators can configure the mobile solution's resource configuration on the fly, so a mobile solution can switch from a testing to a production environment with one click.


For more information about how to work with Global Resources, see the section, Altova Global Resources.


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