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SpyAuthenticRange (obsolete)

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The objects described in this section (Application API for Java) are obsolete from v2012 onwards.


For information about how to access the Application API from Java code, see the section: Programming Languages | Java.



// Since version 2004R3

public class SpyAuthenticRange


  public void ReleaseInstance();

  public SpyApplication GetApplication();

  public SpyAuthenticView GetParent();

  public SpyAuthenticRange GotoNext( long eKind );

  public SpyAuthenticRange GotoPrevious( long eKind );

  public void Select();

  public long GetFirstTextPosition();

  public void SetFirstTextPosition( long nTextPosition );

  public long GetLastTextPosition();

  public void SetLastTextPosition( long nTextPosition );

  public String GetText();

  public void SetText( String strText );

  public boolean PerformAction( long eAction, String strElementName );

  public boolean CanPerformAction( long eAction, String strElementName );

  public String[] CanPerformActionWith( long eAction );

  public SpyAuthenticRange GoTo( long eKind, long nCount, long nFrom );

  public SpyAuthenticRange SelectNext( long eKind );

  public SpyAuthenticRange SelectPrevious( long eKind );

  public SpyAuthenticRange MoveBegin( long eKind, long nCount );

  public SpyAuthenticRange MoveEnd( long eKind, long nCount );

  public SpyAuthenticRange ExpandTo( long eKind );

  public SpyAuthenticRange CollapsToBegin();

  public SpyAuthenticRange CollapsToEnd();

  public SpyAuthenticRange GotoNextCursorPosition();

  public SpyAuthenticRange GotoPreviousCursorPosition();

  public boolean IsEmpty();

  public boolean IsEqual( SpyAuthenticRange ipCmp );

  public SpyAuthenticRange Clone();

  public SpyAuthenticRange SetFromRange( SpyAuthenticRange ipSrc );

  public boolean Delete();

  public boolean Cut();

  public boolean Copy();

  public boolean Paste();

  public SpyXMLData GetFirstXMLData();

  public void SetFirstXMLData( SpyXMLData objXMLDataPtr );

  public long GetFirstXMLDataOffset();

  public void SetFirstXMLDataOffset( long nOffset );

  public SpyXMLData GetLastXMLData();

  public void SetLastXMLData( SpyXMLData objXMLDataPtr );

  public long GetLastXMLDataOffset();

  public void SetLastXMLDataOffset( long nOffset );

  public String[] GetElementHierarchy();

  public String[] GetElementAttributeNames( String strElementName );

  public boolean HasElementAttribute( String strElementName, String strAttributeName );

  public String GetElementAttributeValue( String strElementName, String strAttributeName );

  public void SetElementAttributeValue( String strElementName, String strAttributeName, String strNewValue );

  public String[] GetEntityNames();

  public void InsertEntity( String strEntityName );

  public boolean IsInDynamicTable();

  public boolean AppendRow();

  public boolean InsertRow();

  public boolean DuplicateRow();

  public boolean DeleteRow();

  public boolean MoveRowUp();

  public boolean MoveRowDown();


// Since version 2004R4

public boolean IsCopyEnabled();

public boolean IsCutEnabled();

public boolean IsPasteEnabled();

public boolean IsDeleteEnabled();

public boolean IsTextStateApplied( String i_strElementName );

public boolean IsFirstRow();

public boolean IsLastRow();


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