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Altova XMLSpy 2020 Enterprise Edition

A concept relationship node discovers concepts by performing a tree walk of an XBRL 2.1 network. The tree walk is uniquely identified by the network and one or more relationship sources. A concept relationship node has to identify a single network. In most cases, the combination of link role and arc role is sufficient to unambiguously identify the network, but it may be necessary to specify additional information such as the arc name or the name of the extended link.


Arcrole:     Kind = uri | exp

Arcname:     Kind = none | qname | exp

Linkrole:    Kind = none | uri | exp

Linkname:    Kind = none | qname | exp

Source:      Kind = qname | exp

Axis:        Kind = none | value | exp

Generations: Kind = none | value | exp


Concept relationship nodes cannot have sub-trees.


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