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The XBRL Table Layout Preview pane is located in the Table tab below the table definitions tree (see screenshot below). A combo box in the Table Layout Preview pane lists all the tables in the table linkbase of the active taxonomy. To preview the layout of a table, select that table in the preview pane's combo box (see screenshot below). Note that the preview shows only the layout. Table cells are not populated. This is because there is no data in the XBRL taxonomy.


The Table Layout Preview enables you to do the following:


Visualize table layouts, with previews updating automatically when table definitions are modified

Go directly to a component's definition by clicking a table cell, and vice versa (go to the table cell/s by clicking a component in the table definition tree)

Access the XBRL Table Parameters dialog (via the Parameter Values toolbar icon) to manage table parameters



Modifications to table definitions and the taxonomy are handled as follows:


Table modifications: If the structure of a table definition is modified (in the diagram in the Table tab or via the Details entry helper), the table's layout preview is updated immediately. Changes of parameter definitions or parameter values will also trigger this update.

DTS modifications: Table Layout Preview uses Altova's XPath engine to evaluate XPath expressions in definition nodes. The XPath model is created when loading a taxonomy schema into XBRL View, and it is updated during validation. If the underlying DTS is modified (for example, by editing a concept or linkbase), the table preview will no longer be in sync with the modified DTS. The Table out of sync icon in the preview’s toolbar indicates this state and its tool tip will provide a hint: The preview needs to be refreshed manually via the Refresh button. The Refresh command invokes a re-discovery of the DTS, and is therefore equivalent to a complete validation of the taxonomy.


Table out of sync with DTS


Refresh table


Error handling

Errors related to Table Layout Preview are handled as follows:


Invalid expressions in table definition nodes: If a table definition node contains an XPath expression that cannot be resolved, the header of the corresponding layout cell will be displayed in red. In this case, the invalid aspect constraint is highlighted in the Constraints tab of the Details entry helper.

Unresolvable relationship nodes: If a relationship node cannot be resolved due to invalid properties or an invalid DTS, the layout shows a placeholder cell with highlighted error text.

Merged rule nodes without child nodes: If a merged rule node does not have any child node, the layout shows a placeholder cell with highlighted error text.

Invalid DTS: If the taxonomy is invalid when loading a taxonomy schema into the XBRL taxonomy editor or after validation, the XPath model is not available. The Table Layout Preview will be in an error state, which is indicated by the Table out of sync with DTS toolbar icon. In spite of this, the layout can still be created to some extent. XPath expressions, however, cannot be evaluated. The tool tip of the toolbar icon will advise the user how to solve this issue (that is, by fixing the validation error and re-validating the taxonomy).


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