Altova XMLSpy 2024 Enterprise Edition

Insert JSON Fragments

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You can insert JSON fragments from other applications and web pages. These fragments can be inserted in one of two ways:


By using drag-and-drop to Text View or Grid View. If you drag-and-drop to Grid View, the intelligent information available in drag overlays can help you decide where to drop the fragment.

By using copy-and-paste to Text View or Grid View.



The following example shows how a fragment can be added quickly and to the correct location in a JSON document.


1.The fragment that is highlighted below (from the JSON tutorial at is selected. It is an array named cars.


2.The screenshot below shows the Grid View of a JSON document containing a similar cars array. When the fragment from the web page is dragged to the already existing cars array, a drag overlay appears containing the information that the dragged JSON fragment will be dropped below the existing array as a new array named cars.


3.When the fragment is dropped, it is placed exactly where it is wanted (screenshot below).



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