Altova XMLSpy 2024 Enterprise Edition

There are three Entry Helpers in XQuery mode of Text View: XQuery Keywords (blue), XQuery Variables (purple), and XQuery Functions (olive).


Note the following points:


The color of items in the three Entry Helpers are different and correspond to the syntax coloring used in the text. These colors cannot be changed.

The listed keywords and functions are those supported by the Altova XQuery Engines.

The variables are defined in the XQuery document itself. When a $ and a character are entered in Text View, the character is entered in the Variables Entry Helper (unless a variable consisting of exactly that character exists). As soon as a variable name that is being entered matches a variable name that already exists, the newly entered variable name disappears from the Entry Helper.

To navigate in any Entry Helper, click an item in the Entry Helper, and then use either the scrollbar, mouse wheel, or page-down and page-up to move up and down the list.


To insert any of the items listed in the Entry Helpers into the document, place the cursor at the required insertion point and double-click the item. Note that some character strings represent both a keyword and a function (empty, unordered, and except). The appropriate item is inserted depending on what you double-click.


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