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The Linkroles command pops up the Link Roles dialog (screenshot below) in which linkroles can be created for a taxonomy. Linkroles are stored in the concept definitions file, within the appinfo element (see listing below). Linkroles are used not only in definitionLink elements but also in the containing elements of other relationship kinds (for example, in calculationLink and presentationLink elements).



  <link:roleType id="SegmentRevenueAndOperatingIncome"


     <link:definition>006091 - Disclosure - Segment Revenue and Operating Income</link:definition>







In the listing above, notice that there are usedOn elements that specify in which kind of relationships this linkrole may be used.


In the Taxonomies tab of the Link Roles dialog (screenshot below), you can add a linkrole to a taxonomy file by clicking the Add button. Then define the linkrole's URI and ID (refer to listing above). To specify for which kinds of relationships a linkrole should be available, check the boxes of the required relationship kinds. In the Referencing Linkbase Files column, for each linkrole, you can add or delete the linkbase files that reference the linkrole.


The Linkbases tab provides another view of the taxonomy's linkroles. In this view, you add and view linkroles according to individual linkbases (for example calculation or presentation linkbases). Select a linkbase in the combo box and then add or delete a linkrole as required. For example, you could add a linkrole to the calculation linkbase. When you click the Add button, the Add Reference to Linkbase File dialog (screenshot below) pops up.


Each of the entries in this dialog is a combo box that enables you to select from available options. The Defined in Schema field enables you to select the taxonomy in which the linkrole is defined. The ID and Role combo boxes provide the available linkroles. After you have selected a linkrole and clicked OK, the reference is added to the linkbase. In the Taxonomies tab, the linkrole you referenced will show the referencing linkbase in the Referencing Linkbase Files column. If you wish to make this linkrole available for a particular kind of relationship, you will still, however, have to check the appropriate relationship kind check box.


After a linkrole has been created in the taxonomy it is used when creating relationships.


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