Altova XMLSpy 2024 Enterprise Edition

Your Altova application supports Microsoft SourceSafe and other compatible repositories. A list of supported systems is given in the section, Supported Source Control Systems. This section describes the commands in the Project | Source Control submenu, which are used to work with the source control system from within your Altova application.


Overview of the Source Control feature

The mechanism for placing files in an application project under source control is as follows:


1.In XMLSpy, an application project folder containing the files to be placed under source control is created. Typically, the application project folder  will correspond to a local folder in which the project files are located. The path to the local folder is referred to as the local path.

2.In the source control system's database (also referred to as source control or repository), a folder is created that will contain the files to be placed under source control.

3.Application project files are added to source control using the command Project | Source Control | Add to Source Control.

4.Source control actions, such as checking in to, checking out from, and removing files from source control, can be carried out by using the commands in the Project | Source Control submenu. The commands in this submenu are listed in the sub-sections of this section.


Note:If you wish to change the current source control provider, this can be done in any of two ways: (i) via the Source Control options (Tools | Options | Source Control), or (ii) in the Change Source Control dialog (Project | Source Control | Change Source Control).


Note:Note that a source control project is not the same as an application project. Source control projects are directory-dependent, while XMLSpy projects are logical constructions without direct directory dependence.


For additional information, see the section, Source Control.


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