Altova XMLSpy 2024 Enterprise Edition

To assign an XSLT file to the CompanyLast.xml file:


1.Click the CompanyLast.xml tab in the main window so that CompanyLast.xml becomes the active document, and switch to Text View.

2.Select the menu command XSL/XQuery | Assign XSL.

3.Click the Browse button, and select the Company.xsl file from the Tutorial folder. In the dialog, you can activate the option Make Path Relative to CompanyLast.xml if you wish to make the path in the XML document relative.


4.Click OK to assign the XSL file to the XML document.

5.Switch to Grid View to see the assignment (screenshot below). An XML-stylesheet processing instruction is inserted in the XML document that references the XSL file. If you activated the Make Path Relative to CompanyLast.xml check box, then the path is relative; otherwise it is absolute (as in the screenshot).




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