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An overlay is a chart that is overlaid on the base chart. To add an overlay, do the following:


1.Click the Overlays button to display the Overlays menu (screenshot below).


2.Click Append. A new layer will be added.

3.With the new layer selected, click the New Chart button and select the data as described in the section Creating a Chart.

4.To modify the chart type and its appearance, click the Change Type and Change Appearance button, respectively.


You can add as many overlays as you like. Each new layer will be appended to the existing layers and, in the diagram, will be superimposed on them. If you wish to change the order of layers, you must re-create them in the correct order. You can delete the currently selected layer by clicking Delete Current.


Note: Each overlay will obscure the layers beneath it. Since only area charts can be made transparent, some layer arrangements might not be optimal. For example a bar chart that is layered over a line chart would obscure parts of the line. You should keep this in mind when planning the layering order.


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