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SpyDocEditView (obsolete)

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The objects described in this section (Application API for Java) are obsolete from v2012 onwards.


For information about how to access the Application API from Java code, see the section: Programming Languages | Java.



public class SpyDocEditView


public void ReleaseInstance();

public void ApplyTextState( String sElementName );

public SpyDocEditSelection GetCurrentSelection();

public void EditClear();

public void EditCopy();

public void EditCut();

public void EditPaste();

public void EditRedo();

public void EditSelectAll();

public void EditUndo();

public SpyXMLData GetNextVisible( SpyXMLData oElement );

public SpyXMLData GetPreviousVisible( SpyXMLData oElement );

public boolean GetIsEditClearEnabled();

public boolean GetIsEditCopyEnabled();

public boolean GetIsEditCutEnabled();

public boolean GetIsEditPasteEnabled();

public boolean GetIsEditRedoEnabled();

public boolean GetIsEditUndoEnabled();

public boolean GetIsRowAppendEnabled();

public boolean GetIsRowDeleteEnabled();

public boolean GetIsRowDuplicateEnabled();

public boolean GetIsRowInsertEnabled();

public boolean GetIsRowMoveDownEnabled();

public boolean GetIsRowMoveUpEnabled();

public boolean IsTextStateApplied( String sElementName );

public boolean IsTextStateEnabled( String sElementName );

public void LoadXML( String sXML );

public void MarkUpView( long nKind );

public void RowAppend();

public void RowDelete();

public void RowDuplicate();

public void RowInsert();

public void RowMoveDown();

public void RowMoveUp();

public String SaveXML();

public void SelectionMoveTabOrder( boolean bForward, boolean bTag );

public boolean SelectionSet( SpyXMLData oStart, long nStartPos, SpyXMLData oEndElement, long nEndPos );

public SpyXMLData GetXMLRoot();

public String[] GetAllowedElements( long nAction, SpyXMLData oStartPtr, SpyXMLData oEndPtr );


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