Altova XMLSpy 2024 Enterprise Edition

Creating a Service and Ports

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To add a new service, right-click in an empty space of the design and select Insert Service from the context menu. If you have created a new WSDL document, a service will already be present in the design. You can rename the service by double-clicking in its name, editing the name, and pressing Return. Notice that the name of the service also changes in the Overview entry helper (screenshot below).


In the Overview entry helper, double-click the NewPort entry, change it to MyPort., and press Return. Notice that the name of the port also changes in the MyService box in the design (screenshot above). To add additional ports, right-click either the service or the port, and, from the context menu, select Insert Port.


Entering the address of a port

The address of a port can be entered either: (i) directly in the design, as the value of the Location item (see screenshot above), or (ii) in the Detail entry helper (by double-clicking in the Location field and entering the address (screenshot below)).



Associating a binding with a port

A port is the endpoint that combines a binding with a network address. Once a port's address has been defined, all that needs to be done is associate a binding with the port. To associate a binding with a port, click the down arrow of the Binding item of a port and select from the list of bindings defined in the document.

Note:If a binding is already associated with a port and you wish to associate another binding, you have to remove the binding reference (using the port's right-click menu), and then insert the new binding reference.


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