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Formula Component Relationships

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A relationship between two formula components can be created by linking one formula component to another via drag-and-drop. The relationships are shown with arcs in the diagram (see screenshot below).


The following display and editing possibilities exist:


The order of a component’s children depends on the values of the arc-property Order, which  can be modified by by moving children via drag-and-drop (see screenshot above).

A child component can be dragged onto or under a different parent component in order to copy or move the relation (and its properties).

When creating a new component via the context menu of an existing (parent) component, the relationship (arc) is also generated automatically.

The commands Override Arc and Remove Arc in a child component’s context menu serve to, respectively, override and remove the relationship between the component and its parent.

As with concept relations, multiple arcs of overridden relations are displayed in sub-lines (see screenshot above).


Note:The arcrole of formula component relationships cannot be modified.


Variable-set relationships

A variable-set relationship is a relationship between (i) a variable-set resource (a value assertion, existence assertion, or formula) and (ii) a variable (fact variable or general variable) or a parameter. The Name of a variable or parameter is displayed in front of the arc icon (screenshot below).



Variable-filter relationships

A variable-filter relationship is a relationship between a fact variable and a filter. If the Boolean flag Complement (a C icon in the diagram) is set, the relationship is a complemented variable-filter relationship. If the Boolean flag Cover (a V icon in the diagram) is set, the relationship is a covering variable-filter relationship (shown in the screenshot below). In this case the filter covers aspects of the facts being filtered.



Variable-set-filter relationships

A variable-set-filter relationship (see screenshot below) is a relationship between a variable-set resource and a filter. A filter participating in a variable-set-filter relationship is, by definition, associated with each of the fact variables in the variable set defined by the resource that it is related to. The Boolean flag Complement specifies whether variables use the filter complement. All filters that are associated with fact variables by variable-set-filter relationships, by definition, do not cover any aspects.



Building formulas visually in Table Layout Preview

XBRL Taxonomy developers can also take advantage of XBRL Table Preview for a point-and-click approach to building XBRL Formulas. This functionality is explained in the section, Building Formulas in Table Layout Preview


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