Altova XMLSpy 2023 Enterprise Edition

Sending a SOAP Request from the WSDL File

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To send a SOAP request from the timeservice.wsdl file, do the following:


1.Make timeservice.wsdl the active file in the Main Window.

2.Select the menu option SOAP | Create New SOAP request.

3.Browse for the file timeservice.wsdl and confirm with OK.

4.If, among the various services defined in the document, there is more than one port that references a SOAP 1.1 or 1.2 binding, then a popup appears (screenshot below) prompting you to select the required service and port. After making the selection, click OK.


5.In the dialog box that then pops up (screenshot below), select a SOAP operation, for example, getServerTime, and click OK.


This creates a SOAP request document containing the getServerTime operation. You can save it if you like.

6.Make the request document the active document and select the menu option SOAP | Send request to server. The SOAP response document appears in the Main Window, containing the element getServerTimeResult, which displays the current server time of the time service.


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