Altova XMLSpy 2024 Enterprise Edition

XMLSpy provides support for Oracle schema extensions for use with Oracle 9i Project XDB. Using these schema extensions allows you to configure and customize how Oracle 9i Project XDB stores XML documents. These XML documents are then accessible through SQL queries and legacy tools. Please see the Oracle Website for more information.


When you select the Enable Oracle Schema Extensions command, the following occurs:


The XDB namespace is declared on the schema element: xmlns:xdb="".

An Oracle tab is created in the Details Entry Helper, enabling you to add attributes—including XDB-specific attributes—to schema elements such as xsd:complexType and xsd:element.


Oracle extensions can be defined for complex types, elements, and attributes. Use the Entry Helper as you normally would in XMLSpy.


Note:This extensions can switched on or off by toggling the menu command on/off. When extensions are enabled, the command is displayed with a check mark to its left. When extensions are switched off the the XDB namespace declaration and all XDB extensions in the file are deleted. A warning message appears since this action cannot be undone.


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