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Types, Save Diagram

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The Types menu item has a sub-menu containing the following commands. These are described below.


New Schema

Embed Schema

Extract Schema(s)

Edit Schema(s) in Schema View


The Save Diagram command saves the design diagram as a PNG file.


Types | New Schema

This option only becomes active if the WSDL file does not contain a schema element.

Please note that when using the File | New menu option, a schema element is included in the skeleton WSDL file. The menu item cannot be selected in this case (see below).






Types | Embed Schema

The command pops up an Open-File dialog, in which you can browse for the schema file you wish to embed. On clicking OK in the dialog, the schema is created as an inline schema within the types element. If the selected schema has already been imported, you will be prompted about whether you wish to embed the already imported schema. If you choose to embed the imported schema,it will be converted to an inline schema within the types element.


Types | Extract Schema(s)

On selecting this command, each of the embedded schemas (defined inline within the types element) is opened as a temporary file in Schema View and a Save As dialog pops up for each file. If you choose to save a schema file, the schema will be extracted from the WSDL file, saved to the location you specify, and then imported into the WSDL file. It will no longer be an embedded schema, but an external, imported schema.


Types | Edit Schema(s) in Schema View

Opens a skeleton schema file if the WSDL file does not contain a reference to a specific schema. This is the case if you have used the File | New menu option. If a reference to a specific schema exists, then the schema opens in the embedded Schema View of the graphical WSDL editor.




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