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Altova XMLSpy 2020 Enterprise Edition

Elements Entry Helper

The Elements Entry Helper in Grid View has three tabs: Append, Insert, and Add Child. The Append tab displays elements that can be appended after all the siblings of the current element; the Insert tab displays all elements that can be inserted before the current element; and the Add Child tab displays those elements you can insert as a child of the current element.


To insert an element, select the appropriate tab and double-click the required element. Note that mandatory elements are indicated with an exclamation mark. Siblings of allowed elements that cannot themselves be inserted at the cursor point are unavailable.


Note:In the Options dialog (Tools | Options | Editing), you can specify that mandatory child elements are inserted when an element is inserted.


Attributes Entry Helper

The Attributes Entry Helper displays a list of available attributes for the element you are currently editing. Mandatory attributes are indicated with an exclamation mark "!" before the name of the attribute. If an attribute has already been entered for that element, that attribute is shown in gray.


To use the attributes in the Append and Insert tabs, select, in Grid View, an existing attribute or an element that is a child of the attribute's parent element, and double-click the required attribute in the Entry Helper.

To use the attributes in the Add Child tab, select the attribute's parent element in Grid View and double-click the required attribute in the Entry Helper.


Note:Existing attributes, which cannot legally be added to the current element a second time, are shown in gray.


Entities Entry Helper

The Entities Entry Helper displays all parsed or unparsed entities that are declared inline or in an external DTD. If a text node or attribute node is selected in Grid View, the Add Child tab will appear empty—because, by definition, such nodes cannot have any children.


To use the cursor to insert an entity in Grid View, place the cursor at the required position in a text field or select the required field; then select the appropriate tab, and double-click the entity. Note the following rules:


If the cursor is placed within a text field (including an attribute value field), the entity is inserted at the cursor insertion point.

If an element with a text-only child (i.e. #PCDATA or simpleType) is selected but the cursor is not placed in the text field, then any existing text content is replaced by the entity.

If a non-text field is selected, then the entity is created as text at a location corresponding to the Entry Helper tab that you select.


Note:If you add an internal entity, you will need to save and reopen your document before the entity appears in the Entities Entry Helper.


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