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Altova XMLSpy 2022 Enterprise Edition

The files you will be working with should be saved in a hierarchy inside a local workspace folder (see diagram below).


Local Workspace Folder


|-- MyProject.spp

|-- QuickStart


|-- QuickStart.css


|-- QuickStart.xml


|-- QuickStart.xsd

|-- Grouping


|-- Persons



|-- Persons.xml



The application project file (.spp file) typically will be located directly inside the local workspace folder (see diagram above).


When one or more files in this (workspace) folder are placed under source control, the local workspace folder's structure is partly or wholly reproduced in the repository. For example, if the file Persons.xml from the local folder shown above is placed under source control, then the path to it in the repository will be:




The MyProject folder in the repository folder is bound to the local folder. Typically it would be the name of the project, but you could give it any name.


If the entire application project is placed under source control (by selecting the project name in the Projects window and placing it under source control), then the entire local folder structure is recreated in the repository.


Note:Files from outside the local workspace folder can be added to the application project. But whether you can place such a file under source control depends upon the source control system you are using. Some source control systems could have a problem placing a file from outside the local folder into the repository. We therefore recommend that all project files you wish to place under source control be located in the local workspace folder.


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