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SOAP Validation

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SOAP messages can be checked for validity not only against the SOAP specification, but also against any XML Schema referenced in the corresponding WSDL definition.


Validating against SOAP rules only

To validate a SOAP message, open the SOAP message file (screenshot below) and press F8 (or the menu command XML | Validate). Since no WSDL file has been linked to the SOAP message file, the SOAP message is validated according to the rules for SOAP messages. The file is found to be valid if it is valid according to these rules (see the Messages Window in the screenshot below).



Validating against SOAP rules and linked WSDL

To validate a SOAP message additionally according to the linked WSDL, the WSDL file must be linked to the SOAP file. This is done in the SOAP tab of the Info Window (screenshot below). Click the button to the right of the WSDL for Validation item and select the command Select WSDL for Validation. In the dialog that pops up, browse for the WSDL file you want and click OK. The WSDL file will be entered in the Info Window and the SOAP message file will be linked to it.


On pressing F8 (or the menu command XML | Validate) the SOAP message will be validated not only against the rules for SOAP messages but also against the rules in the linked WSDL file.


The file is found to be valid if it is valid according to both sets of rules (see screenshot above).



Note:The SOAP tab is visible in the Info window if the SOAP request was created using XMLSpy's SOAP-request creation feature from a WSDL file (SOAP | Create new SOAP request). If the SOAP tab is not visible in the Info window (because the SOAP request was not created with XMLSpy), then saving the SOAP-request file will make the SOAP tab visible.


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