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Altova XMLSpy 2020 Enterprise Edition

This is a good time to configure the Content Model View. We will configure the Content Model View such that the type of the element is displayed for each element. Do this as follows:


1.Select the Content Model View (click the Content Model View icon ic_schem_part) of a component in order to enable the Configure view command.
2.Select the menu option Schema Design | Configure view. The Schema Display Configuration dialog appears.


3.Click the Append ic_schem_app icon (in the Element tab) to add a property descriptor line for each element box.
4.From the dropdown menu, select type (or double-click in the line and enter "type"). This will cause the data type of each element to be displayed in the Content Model View.
5.In the Single Line Settings pane, select Hide Line If No Value. This hides the description of the datatype in the element box if the element does not have a datatype (for example, if the element is a complex type).


Notice that the type descriptor line appears for the Name, Street, and City elements, which are simple types of type xs:string, but not for the complex type elements. This is because the Hide Line If No Value toggle is selected.

6.In the Single Line Settings group, select the Always Show Line radio button.
7.Click OK to confirm the changes.


Notice that the descriptor line for the data type is always shown—even in element boxes of complex types, where they appear without any value.


Note the following:


The property descriptor lines are editable, so values you enter in them become part of the element definition.

The settings you define in the Schema display configuration dialog apply to the schema documentation output as well as the printer output.


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