Editing XQuery Documents

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Editing XQuery Documents

In XMLSpy, XQuery and XQuery Update documents are recognized as two different document types. The document type (XQuery or XQuery Update) is assigned to a file extension in the File Types section of the Options dialog (Tools | Options | FileType, screenshot below). When a file of XQuery or XQuery Update type is opened in XMLSpy, the XQuery editing features of Text View are available for that file.

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File extensions currently defined as XQuery and XQuery Update in XMLSpy


.xq  .xql  .xqr  .xquery

XQuery Update




Note:The editing features described in this section are identical for XQuery and XQuery Update documents.


XQuery Execution/Update

The GUI command XSL/XQuery | XQuery/ Update Execution automatically runs either an XQuery execution or XQuery update depending on the filetype of the XQuery file that is selected to be run. See the section XQuery Execution/Update for more details.


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