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EDGAR (Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval) is a system that performs automated collection, validation, and indexing of financial statements filed by companies to the United States SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). When you validate via EDGAR, Raptor validates the XBRL instance document using an internal EDGAR script. You can set the following additional options.


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The EDGAR script performs extra checks as prescribed in the EDGAR Filing Manual Volume II: EDGAR Filing. The script allows the following script parameters to be additionally specified:



The CIK of the registrant


The EDGAR submission type, for example: '10-K'


A list of CIKs, each separated by a comma: ','


A list of official registrant names for each CIK in cikList, separated by '|Edgar|'


Set to true to force-enable UTR validation


The path to the edbody.dtd that is used to validate embedded HTML fragments


The path to the edgartaxonomies.xml, which contains a list of taxonomy files that are allowed to be referenced from the company extension taxonomy



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