Altova XMLSpy 2024 Enterprise Edition


The objects described in this section (Application API for Java) are obsolete from v2012 onwards.


For information about how to access the Application API from Java code, see the section: Programming Languages | Java.



// Since version 2010

public class SpyWSDL20DocumentationDlg


 public void ReleaseInstance();

 public SpyApplication GetApplication();


 public long GetOptionsDialogAction();

 public void SetOptionsDialogAction( long nNewVal );


 public long GetOutputFileDialogAction();

 public void SetOutputFileDialogAction( long nNewVal );


 public boolean GetShowProgressBar();

 public void SetShowProgressBar( boolean bNewVal );


 public String GetOutputFile();

 public void SetOutputFile( String sNewVal );


 public long GetOutputFormat();

 public void SetOutputFormat( long nNewVal );


 public boolean GetMultipleOutputFiles();

 public void SetMultipleOutputFiles( boolean bNewVal );


 public boolean GetEmbedCSSInHTML();

 public void SetEmbedCSSInHTML( boolean bNewVal );


 public long GetDiagramFormat();

 public void SetDiagramFormat( long nNewVal );


 public boolean GetEmbedDiagrams();

 public void SetEmbedDiagrams( boolean bNewVal );


 public boolean GetCreateDiagramsFolder();

 public void SetCreateDiagramsFolder( boolean bNewVal );


 public boolean GetShowResult();

 public void SetShowResult( boolean bNewVal );


 public void IncludeAll( boolean bNewVal );

 public void AllDetails( boolean bNewVal );


 public boolean GetIncludeOverview();

 public void SetIncludeOverview( boolean bNewVal );


 public boolean GetIncludeService();

 public void SetIncludeService( boolean bNewVal );


 public boolean GetIncludeBinding();

 public void SetIncludeBinding( boolean bNewVal );


 public boolean GetIncludeInterface();

 public void SetIncludeInterface( boolean bNewVal );


 public boolean GetIncludeTypes();

 public void SetIncludeTypes( boolean bNewVal );


 public boolean GetIncludeImportedWSDLFiles();

 public void SetIncludeImportedWSDLFiles( boolean bNewVal );


 public boolean GetShowServiceDiagram();

 public void SetShowServiceDiagram( boolean bNewVal );


 public boolean GetShowBindingDiagram();

 public void SetShowBindingDiagram( boolean bNewVal );


 public boolean GetShowInterfaceDiagram();

 public void SetShowInterfaceDiagram( boolean bNewVal );


 public boolean GetShowTypesDiagram();

 public void SetShowTypesDiagram( boolean bNewVal );


 public boolean GetShowEndpoint();

 public void SetShowEndpoint( boolean bNewVal );


 public boolean GetShowSourceCode();

 public void SetShowSourceCode( boolean bNewVal );


 public boolean GetShowExtensibility();

 public void SetShowExtensibility( boolean bNewVal );


 public boolean GetShowUsedBy();

 public void SetShowUsedBy( boolean bNewVal );


 public boolean GetShowOperation();

 public void SetShowOperation( boolean bNewVal );


 public boolean GetShowFault();

 public void SetShowFault( boolean bNewVal );


// Since version 2011r2

public boolean GetUseFixedDesign();

public void SetUseFixedDesign( boolean i_bVal );


public String GetSPSFile();

public void SetSPSFile( String i_strVal );




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