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Altova XMLSpy 2020 Enterprise Edition

Method: GenerateSchemaDocumentation (objDlg as SchemaDocumentationDlg)



Generate documentation for a schema definition file in HTML, MS-Word, or RTF format. The parameter objDlg is used to parameterize the generation process. Use Dialogs.SchemaDocumentationDlg to get an initialized set of options. As a minimum, you will need to set the property SchemaDocumentationDlg.OutputFile before starting the generation process. Note that this functionality is limited to Schema View only. See Document.CurrentViewMode and SPYViewModes.




The document object is no longer valid.


Invalid parameters have been passed or an empty file name has been specified as output target.


The document is not opened in schema view, maybe it is not an '.xsd' file.


Feature is not available in this edition.


Error during generation


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