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Declaration: GetUIModifications() as String



The GetUIModifications() method is called during initialization of the plug-in, to get the configuration XML data that defines the changes to the UI of XMLSpy. The method is called when the plug-in is loaded for the first time, and at every start of XMLSpy.


See also Configuration XML for a detailed description how to change the UI.




Public Function IXMLSpyPlugIn_GetUIModifications() As String

  ' GetUIModifications() gets the XML file with the specified modifications of

  ' the UI from the config.xml file in the plug-in folder

  Dim strPath As String

   strPath = App.Path


  If Len(strPath) > 0 Then

      Dim fso As New FileSystemObject

      Dim file As file


      Set file = fso.GetFile(strPath & "\config.xml")


      If (Not (file Is Nothing)) Then

          Dim stream As TextStream

          Set stream = file.OpenAsTextStream(ForReading)


          ' this replaces the token '**path**' from the XML file with

          ' the actual installation path of the plug-in to get the image file

          Dim strMods As String

           strMods = stream.ReadAll

           strMods = Replace(strMods, "**path**", strPath)


           IXMLSpyPlugIn_GetUIModifications = strMods


           IXMLSpyPlugIn_GetUIModifications = ""

      End If

  End If

End Function

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