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Altova XMLSpy 2020 Enterprise Edition


public class SpyTextView


public void ReleaseInstance();

public SpyApplication GetApplication();

public SpyDoc GetParent();

public long LineFromPosition( long nCharPos );

public long PositionFromLine( long nLine );

public long LineLength( long nLine );

public String GetSelText();

public void SetSelText( String sText );

public String GetRangeText( long nPosFrom, long nPosTill );

public void ReplaceText( long nPosFrom, long nPosTill, String sText );

public void MoveCaret( long nDiff );

public void GoToLineChar( long nLine, long nChar );

public void SelectText( long nPosFrom, long nPosTill );

public long GetSelectionStart();

public void SetSelectionStart( long nNewVal );

public long GetSelectionEnd();

public void SetSelectionEnd( long nNewVal );

public String GetText();

public void SetText( String sText );

public long LineCount();

public long Length();


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