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Obsolete: Authentic View Row operations

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If the schema on which an XML document is based specifies that an element is repeatable, such a structure can be represented in Authentic View as a table. When represented as a table, rows and their contents can be manipulated individually, thereby allowing you to manipulate each of the repeatable elements individually. Such row operations would be performed by an external script.


If an external script is to perform row operations then two steps must occur:


The first step checks whether the cursor is currently in a row using a property. Such a check could be, for example, IsRowInsertEnabled, which returns a value of either TRUE or FALSE.

If the return value is TRUE then a row method, such as RowAppend, can be called. (RowAppend has no parameters and returns no value.)


The following is a list of properties and methods available for table operations. Each property returns a BOOL, and the methods have no parameter.





Table operations


RowInsert, superseded by AuthenticRange.InsertRow

Insert row operation


RowAppend, superseded by AuthenticRange.AppendRow

Append row operation


RowDelete, superseded by AuthenticRange.DeleteRow

Delete row operation


RowMoveUp, superseded by AuthenticRange.MoveRowUp

Move XML data up one row


RowMoveDown, superseded by AuthenticRange.MoveRowDown

Move XML data down one row


RowDuplicate, superseded by AuthenticRange.DuplicateRow

Duplicate currently selected row


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