Altova XMLSpy 2024 Enterprise Edition


The objects described in this section (Application API for Java) are obsolete from v2012 onwards.


For information about how to access the Application API from Java code, see the section: Programming Languages | Java.



public class SpyDoc


public void ReleaseInstance();

public void SetEncoding( String strEncoding );

public void SetPathName( String strPath );

public String GetPathName();

public String GetTitle();

public boolean IsModified();

public void Save();

public void Close( boolean bDiscardChanges );

public void UpdateViews();

public long GetCurrentViewMode();

public boolean SwitchViewMode( long nMode );

public SpyGridView GetGridView();

public void SetActiveDocument();

public void StartChanges();

public void EndChanges();

public void TransformXSL();

public void AssignDTD( String sDTDFile, boolean bDialog );

public void AssignSchema( String sSchemaFile, boolean bDialog );

public void AssignXSL( String sXSLFile, boolean bDialog );

public void ConvertDTDOrSchema( long nFormat, long nFrequentElements );

public SpyXMLData CreateChild( long nKind );

public void CreateSchemaDiagram( long nKind, String sName, String sFile );

public SpyDocEditView GetDocEditView();

public void ExportToDatabase( SpyXMLData oFromChild, SpyExportSettings oExportSettings, SpyDatabaseConnection oDatabaseConnection );

public void ExportToText( SpyXMLData oFromChild, SpyExportSettings oExportSettings, SpyTextImportExportSettings oTextSettings );

public void GenerateDTDOrSchema( long nFormat, int nValuesList, long nDetection, long nFrequentElements );

public SpyElementList GetExportElementList( SpyXMLData oFromChild, SpyExportSettings oExportSettings );

public SpyXMLData GetRootElement();

public String SaveInString( SpyXMLData oData, boolean bMarked );

public void SaveToURL( String sUrl, String sUser, String sPassword );

public String GetErrorString(); // See IsValid() or IsWellFormed()

public int GetErrorPos(); // See IsValid() or IsWellFormed()

public SpyXMLData GetBadData(); // See IsValid() or IsWellFormed()

public boolean IsValid();

public boolean IsWellFormed( SpyXMLData oData, boolean bWithChildren );


// Since version 2004R3

public SpyAuthenticView GetAuthenticView()


// Since version 2004R4

public SpyApplication GetApplication();

public SpyDocuments GetParent();

public String GetFullName();

public void SetFullName( String i_strName );

public String GetName();

public String GetPath();

public boolean GetSaved();

public void SaveAs( String i_strFileNameOrPath );

public String GetEncoding();

public SpyXMLData GetDataRoot();

public void GenerateProgramCode( SpyCodeGeneratorDlg i_dlg );

public void AssignXSLFO( String i_strFile, boolean i_bUseDialog );

public void TransformXSLFO();

public void GenerateSchemaDocumentation( SpySchemaDocumentationDlg i_dlg );


public void ExecuteXQuery( String i_strXMLSourceFile );

public void SetExternalIsValid( boolean bIsValid );

public SpyDoc GenerateSampleXML( SpyGenerateSampleXMLDlg ipGenerateXMLDlg );

public boolean UpdateXMLData();

public String GetAsXMLString();

public void SetAsXMLString( String newVal );

public SpyDoc GenerateDTDOrSchemaEx( SpyDTDSchemaGeneratorDlg ipDTDSchemaGeneratorDlg );

public SpyDoc ConvertDTDOrSchemaEx( long nFormat, long nFrequentElements, String sOutputPath, long nOutputPathDialogAction );

public SpyTextView GetTextView();

public String[] GetSuggestions();

public void SetSuggestions( String[] aList );

public void SetSelection( String sVal );


// Since version 2009

public void GenerateWSDLDocumentation( SpyWSDLDocumentationDlg ipWSDLDocumenationDlg );

public void TransformXSLEx( long nDialogAction );


// Since version 2010

public void GenerateWSDL20Documentation( SpyWSDL20DocumentationDlg ipWSD20DocumenationDlg );

public void GenerateXBRLDocumentation( SpyXBRLDocumentationDlg ipXBRLDocumentationDlg );

public SpyDoc ConvertToWSDL20( String sFilePath, boolean bShowDialogs );


// Since version 2010r3

public String CreateDBStructureFromXMLSchema( SpyDatabaseConnection oConnection, SpyElementList oTables, boolean bDropTableWithExistingName );

public SpyElementList GetDBStructureList( SpyDatabaseConnection oConnection );


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