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Altova XMLSpy 2020 Enterprise Edition

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Method: GetDatabaseImportElementList(pImportSettings as DatabaseConnection) as ElementList



The function returns a collection of ElementListItems where the properties ElementListItem.Name contain the names of the fields that can be selected for import and the properties ElementListItem.ElementKind are initialized either to spyXMLDataAttr or spyXMLDataElement, depending on the value passed in DatabaseConnection.AsAttributes. This list serves as a filter to what finally gets imported by a future call to ImportFromDatabase. Use ElementList.RemoveElement to exclude fields from import.


Properties mandatory to be filled out for the database connection are one of DatabaseConnection.File, DatabaseConnection.ADOConnection and DatabaseConnection.ODBCConnection, as well as DatabaseConnection.SQLSelect. Use the property DatabaseConnection.AsAttributes to initialize ElementListItem.ElementKind of the resulting element list to either spyXMLDataAttr or spyXMLDataElement, respectively.



See example at ImportFromDatabase.




The application object is no longer valid.


Invalid parameter or invalid address for the return parameter was specified.


Import from database failed.


Invalid database specified.


Select statement is missing.


database element list import failed.

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