Altova XMLSpy 2024 Enterprise Edition

Property: Text as String



Set or get the textual content selected by the range object.


The number of characters retrieved are not necessarily identical, as there are text cursor positions between the beginning and end of the selected range. Most document elements support an end cursor position different to the beginning cursor position of the following element. Drop-down lists maintain only one cursor position, but can select strings of any length. In the case of radio buttons and check boxes, the text property value holds the string of the corresponding XML element.


If the range selects more then one element, the text is the concatenation of the single texts. XML entities are expanded so that '&' is expected as '&'.


Setting the text to the empty string, does not delete any XML elements. Use Cut, Delete or PerformAction instead.




The authentic range object or its related view object is no longer valid.


Invalid address for a return parameter was specified.

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