Altova XMLSpy 2024 Enterprise Edition


The objects described in this section (Application API for Java) are obsolete from v2012 onwards.


For information about how to access the Application API from Java code, see the section: Programming Languages | Java.


Only available/enabled in the Enterprise edition. An error is returned, if accessed by any other version.


// since version 2004R4

public class SpyCodeGeneratorDlg


 public void ReleaseInstance();

 public SpyApplication GetApplication();

 public SpyDialogs GetParent();

 public long GetProgrammingLanguage();

 public void SetProgrammingLanguage( long i_eVal );

 public String GetTemplateFileName();

 public void SetTemplateFileName( String i_strVal );

 public String GetOutputPath();

 public void SetOutputPath( String i_strVal );

 public long GetOutputPathDialogAction();

 public void SetOutputPathDialogAction( long i_eVal );

 public long GetPropertySheetDialogAction();

 public void SetPropertySheetDialogAction( long i_eVal );

 public long GetOutputResultDialogAction();

 public void SetOutputResultDialogAction( long i_eVal );

 public long GetCPPSettings_DOMType();

 public void SetCPPSettings_DOMType( long i_eVal );

 public long GetCPPSettings_LibraryType();

 public void SetCPPSettings_LibraryType( long i_eVal );

 public boolean GetCPPSettings_UseMFC();

 public void SetCPPSettings_UseMFC( boolean i_bVal );

 public long GetCSharpSettings_ProjectType();

 public void SetCSharpSettings_ProjectType( long i_eVal );




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