Altova XMLSpy 2024 Enterprise Edition


The objects described in this section (Application API for Java) are obsolete from v2012 onwards.


For information about how to access the Application API from Java code, see the section: Programming Languages | Java.


public class SpyApplication


public void ReleaseInstance();

public void ShowApplication( boolean bShow );    

public void Quit();

public void AddMacroMenuItem( String sMacro, String sDisplayText );

public void ClearMacroMenu();

public SpyDoc GetActiveDocument();

public SpyProject GetCurrentProject();

public SpyDocuments GetDocuments();

public SpyElementList GetDatabaseImportElementList( SpyDatabaseConnection oImportSettings );

public SpyDatabaseConnection GetDatabaseSettings();

public SpyElementList GetDatabaseTables( SpyDatabaseConnection oImportSettings );

public SpyExportSettings GetExportSettings();

public SpyElementList GetTextImportElementList( SpyTextImportExportSettings oImportSettings );

public SpyTextImportExportSettings GetTextImportExportSettings();

public SpyDoc ImportFromDatabase( SpyDatabaseConnection oImportSettings, SpyElementList oElementList );  

public SpyDoc ImportFromSchema( SpyDatabaseConnection oImportSettings, String strTable, SpyDoc oSchemaDoc );

public SpyDoc ImportFromText( SpyTextImportExportSettings oImportSettings, SpyElementList oElementList );  

public SpyDoc ImportFromWord( String sFile );    

public void NewProject( String sPath, boolean bDiscardCurrent );    

public void OpenProject(String sPath , boolean bDiscardCurrent, boolean bDialog );

public long ShowForm( String sName );

public void URLDelete( String sURL, String sUser, String sPassword );    

public void URLMakeDirectory( String sURL, String sUser, String sPassword );    

public int GetWarningNumber();

public String GetWarningText();


// since Version 2004R4

public SpyApplication GetApplication();

public SpyApplication GetParent();

public SpyDialogs GetDialogs();

public boolean GetVisible();

public void SetVisible( boolean i_bVisibility );

public long GetWindowHandle();


public void ReloadSettings();

public SpyFindInFilesResults FindInFiles( SpyFindInFilesDlg dlgSettings );

public boolean ShowFindInFiles( SpyFindInFilesDlg dlgSettings );

public void Selection( String sVal );


public long Status();

public int MajorVersion();

public int MinorVersion();

public String Edition();

public boolean IsAPISupported();

public long ServicePackVersion();

public void CreateXMLSchemaFromDBStructure( SpyDatabaseConnection oConnection, SpyElementList oTables );


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