Altova XMLSpy 2024 Enterprise Edition

Event: OnViewActivation(objDocument as Document, eViewMode as SPYViewModes, bActivated as Boolean)


XMLSpy scripting environment - VBScript:

Function On_ViewActivation(objDocument, eViewMode, bActivated)

End Function


XMLSpy scripting environment - JScript:

function On_ViewActivation(objDocument, eViewMode, bActivated)




XMLSpy IDE Plugin:

IXMLSpyPlugIn.OnEvent (29, ...)        // nEventId = 29



This event gets fired whenever a view of a document becomes visible (i.e. becomes the active view) or invisible (i.e. another view becomes the active view or the document gets closed). However, the first view activation event after a document gets opened cannot be received, since there is no document object to get the event from. Use the Application.OnDocumentOpened event instead.


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